The Urban Hope Vision

Like most cities, Savannah has an ”inner city” populated by men, women and children that live lives of physical, emotional  and spiritual deprivation.  Their  lives lack hope for a better, different future. 

The vision of Urban Hope is to help bring change to the inner city through its children, by giving them hope for a better future, through our after school and summer programs.  A community can not prosper without the education and hope of its children. Children who are  uneducated, unsafe and have no hope will continue along the path of despair and crime. The streets of Savannah can be a dangerous place for an unattended child.  Children seeking acceptance can easily be led into an environment of crime and drugs; however, they can also be easily led into a life of love and success.

Urban Hope is a safe haven, a place that is secure, welcoming and loving. We reach over 120 children each year, ministering to them and guiding them into a life in which they can succeed and grow into the people God intended them to be.

Urban Hope looks forward to expansion and growth and devoting our time to more children in Savannah. We envision programs beyond homework help and snack time. We want our Urban Hope children to experience the cultural and culinary arts, sports, the beach, and giving back to their community. These children deserve and are capable of being great people and leaders in our community.

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